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With the hosepipe ban the trampoline is back out - but be careful of injuries!!

July 5, 2018

Here are the most common injuries

• Broken bones (Sometimes surgery is needed.)
• Concussions and other head injuries.
• Sprains/strains.
• Bruises, scrapes, and cuts.
• Head and neck injuries (which can lead to permanent paralysis or death)

Many people injure themselves in their own backyards. Rarely to we believe that we could get injured in a simple backyard game, but in fact, this is where many injuries occur. Ankle injuries, knee damage, shoulder injuries and more are all relatively common injuries in backyard sports.

Protect yourself by:

• Warming up to physical activity, instead of jumping right in.

• Stretch.

• Put on the right clothes and shoes. Slipping, or being inhibited in movement, is a common reason for injuries.

If you are unsure about an injury feel free to contact relief chartered physiotherapy.

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