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Why do I keep getting shin splints???

July 22, 2018

Shin Splints are an all-too-common affliction for runners. The pain is caused by the inflammation of the muscles and tendons that run alongside the shinbone, otherwise known as the tibia.

Causes and Prevention
Almost every runner at some point experiences this nagging pain, and it’s often due to sudden increases in mileage, training, or changes in terrain. Any of these changes in your runs overworks the shinbone’s tibialis muscle (the muscle along the side of the shinbone) and causes swelling and pain.
What you can do.
For immediate relief, much like for any other sore or inflamed muscle, try some gentle stretching 15-20 minutes post run. Keeping your foot elevated also helps improve circulation and reduce swelling and ice....
Long-term, shin splints are tricky to avoid. At any stage during your running career, whether you’re still a beginner, an avid runner, or an elite athlete, there will come a time (and place) where you increase your mileage, tweak your training regimens, run a new course, or all of the above.

The best way for preventing or minimizing shin splints is to stick to the ten percent rule whenever you want to change anything about your run routines; this includes everything from your cadence, daily and weekly mileage, or any part of your form. Make small adjustments to your runs at ten percent increments, or even smaller at three or five percent, to avoid sudden over-usage of your tibialis muscles.
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