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Women’s Health

At Relief Chartered Physiotherapy we provide physiotherapy treatments specifically for women. We are fully trained and qualified in this area and our consultations, treatments and therapies are carried out in a highly professional and caring way. Pregnancy, gynaecological surgery and the aging process can cause many problems in the pelvic area leading to pelvic floor muscle weakness and also bladder and bowel control problems. We will set up a treatment, exercise and therapy programme specific to your condition and work with you to help improve and treat your problem
Women’s Health

Dry Needling & Acupuncture

At Relief Chartered Physiotherapy we are fully trained and qualified in the techniques of Acupuncture and Dry Needling. We provide these therapies in our state of the art clinic where they are used very effectively for the relief of back pain, sports injuries, migraine, headache and to improve and increase healing. Many of our patients find Acupuncture to be very relaxing with little or no discomfort while all the time aiding in healing. We often use Dry Needling to relieve muscle tension and both these techniques are popular with sports women and men.

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