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Ingrown toe nail – Fix it the right way!

January 6, 2021

As it comes into colder weather we see more ingrown toe nails. This is due to a number of factors including;

> An increase in temperature caused an increase in the rate of nail growth due to ticker socks
> We are not in open toe shoes so do not look at our nails as much
> We usually walk more and on our feet for longer periods / including increased running and sport

Whatever the cause, do not try to fix this yourself!

It will inevitably end in you coming to see a Podiatrist anyways.

We have a number of ways to treat an ingrown nail. But if yours regularly becomes painful or is infected, we would recommend nail surgery. We use a chemical called phenol that will kill off the nail matrix and therefore no more ingrown toe nail! EVER!

I see many things online about cutting a ‘v’ in the nail – Waste of time.

A nail brace – Dosen’t work and way too much hassle.

Stuffing the side with cotton wool – yea, don’t recommend this either as this will plug the nail with a ‘foreign body’ and cause further bacterial and fungal infection.

So in summary, do the right thing and if its sore give us a ring at

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