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**Headaches - A pain in the neck?**

April 27, 2018

Physiotherapy for Headaches is the most overlooked headache treatment. There is no doubt that the muscles, joints and ligaments of the top 3 bones of the neck will drive headache.
The hardest bit to understand is the fact that you can have pain around your eye, yet have the symptom relieved by having treatment to your neck. The pain is felt in the eye due a phenomenon called ‘referred’ pain.

As Chartered Physiotherapists, we can:
1. Give advice on posture
2. Show you how to stretch and move the neck and shoulders after periods of sitting
3. Explain the importance of good sitting positions at your desk
4. Discuss sleeping positions and use of pillows
5. Do hands on treatment (manual therapy) to mobilise the cervical spine

Please get in touch if you are suffering with headaches and have not found the right treatment.

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