About Sandra McGovern

Sandra McGovern is a physiotherapist 10 years. She is senior physiotherapist of VHI swords swiftcare for 8 years. She has worked in new Zealand, Australia and New York and has opened her own private practice in Drogheda.

Sandra McGovern

About Relief Chartered Physiotherapy Drogheda

At Relief Chartered Physiotherapy Drogheda we offer a service that is caring, professional and delivers the results you need.

We meet you as a person first; not just someone presenting with an injury, problem or condition. In this way we offer advice and treatment, exercise and therapy programmes that are tailored to the individual’s lifestyle and needs.

With patient care and well-being as our main priority, we provide a service that is family friendly, patient focused and stress free.

We have over 10 years of professional practice in Chartered Physiotherapy behind us and we are constantly advancing and developing our knowledge and skills so we can always deliver to you excellence in patient care and treatment.

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